IntegenX, a privately-held company that designs, manufactures and markets automated DNA and RNA-based sample preparation systems for life sciences, applied sciences, and diagnostics markets, has opened new corporate headquarters and high-tech manufacturing facility in California, in the Hacienda Business Park.

The new location features a microfabrication facility, custom-designed laboratories for the company’s research and development, and manufacturing space for commercial operations.

IntegenX expects to use the in-house microfabrication facility to prototype microdevices for use in its fully integrated systems supplied to life science research laboratories worldwide.

Stevan Jovanovich, president and chief executive officer at IntegenX, said: “As we grew out of the old space, we were determined to preserve the advantages of keeping everyone together in one building and in the Tri-Valley where we can attract skilled biologists and engineers to invent and develop the next generation of life science tools.

“This new location provides a more collaborative environment where we can discuss ideas easily and solve problems quickly, and the space and facilities we need to ramp up operations.”