IMS’ suite of information and advisory services enables clients to implement a fully integrated monitoring and reporting compliance infrastructure providing an accurate view of their promotional spend associated with healthcare professionals. The services leverage the compliance application platform of R-Squared Services and Solutions, a developer of evidence-based compliance solutions for the healthcare and life sciences industries.

The Aggregate Spend Compliance Services bring together the capabilities of the IMS business transformation services organization, which leverages the company’s expertise in business and compliance technology and IMS Healthcare Relational Services that combines the company’s reference data and advisory services for an accurate view of healthcare professionals and R-Squared’s SpendTracker software, a flexible, scalable platform that can be augmented as regulations change delivering custom reports to satisfy companies’ internal policies.

Don Otterbein, general manager of business transformation services at IMS, said: “Tracking and monitoring the total promotional spend to healthcare providers is a difficult operational challenge that many life sciences companies struggle with daily.

“IMS aggregate spend compliance services enable our clients to align and manage professional and organizational information across disparate systems and functions effectively addressing the complexities in data capture, standardization and integration. Our solution also includes a flexible and scalable reporting system, allowing for quick response to evolving regulations and reporting requirements.”

IMS Aggregate Spend Compliance Services are among the many solutions delivered by IMS Business Transformation Services, which help clients improve decision support, reduce costs and add greater staffing flexibility to their operations via an array of best implementation and outsourcing services.