Designed to deliver results in complex clinical environments, MetaVision includes advanced tools for clinical assessment, treatment and care planning, providing complete electronic patient records.

Powerful decision support options promote the uniform adoption of best practices. Automatic reporting for ICNARC & Critical Care Minimum Data Set eliminates the time and errors associated with manual data entry.

iMDsoft recently introduced new functionality designed to increase patient safety, including advanced electronic prescribing. New features support the full medication cycle: ordering, preparation, and administration.

Safety checks via barcode scanning ensure that all medication orders are correct. Synchronisation with third-party drug libraries streamlines prescribing and enhances clinical decision support. Drug costs are controlled by ensuring the use of hospital preferred products.

A study performed at Papworth Hospital concludes, "All errors of completeness were abolished following implementation. The computerised system led to a significant improvement in prescribing safety, in a clinical area previously highlighted as having high rate of adverse drug errors. Legibility, completeness and traceability are no longer possible sources of medication errors (Anaesthesia, 2010)."

MetaVision offers workflow coverage across the entire continuum of care, maintaining a single patient record throughout ICUs, pre-op units, ORs and recovery units. The new version enables iMDsoft to expand its clinical solutions hospital-wide, helping prevent patient deterioration, costly complications and readmission to the ICU.

"Our solutions are designed to improve care and efficiency in the areas of the hospital with the sickest patients and highest costs," said Lars-Oluf Nielsen, CEO of iMDsoft. "MetaVision is unique in that it can meet the needs of both individual hospitals and multi-site trusts, delivering results that significantly impact the local health economy."

iMDsoft is a leading provider of Clinical Information Systems for critical, perioperative, and acute care environments. The company’s flagship family of solutions, the MetaVision Suite, was first implemented in 1999. Hospitals and health networks worldwide use MetaVision to improve care quality and enhance financial results.