Sentinel Clear XE™ Hood and XE Blower deliver highest possible protection and performance for pharmaceutical and life sciences workers


The Sentinel Clear XE™ is a best-in-class powered air purifying respirator (PAPR), engineered with advanced film technology that provides superior visibility, comfort, and protection for pharmaceutical and life sciences workers. (Credit: PR Newswire/ ILC Dover, Inc.)

ILC Dover Inc., specializing in innovative single-use solutions for global biotherapeutics and pharmaceutical processing as well as personal protective equipment (PPE), announced the European launch of the Sentinel Clear XE powered air purifying respirator (PAPR). The system, built upon the success of the Sentinel XT Clear model sold in North America, is ideal for protecting workers in pharmaceutical manufacturing operations from exposure to toxic airborne particles.

The Sentinel Clear XE PAPR’s features include:

Best in class protection. Safety is the top concern for operators working with highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The Sentinel Clear XE™ PAPR offers TH3 protection, the highest level possible under EN 12941 certification.

A clear hood with a full 320-degree field of view. The hood’s panoramic view improves operator safety and allows the wearer to have facial hair and/or a head covering, reduces claustrophobic feelings and facilitates facial recognition and improved communication.

A strong yet lightweight blower for excellent air circulation and increased comfort. The XE blower delivers an airflow of 220 liters per minute for a full 12 hours when powered by ILC Dover’s lithium-polymer battery. The unit weighs just 1 kg and can be worn on an adjustable back harness or belt clip and removed easily with a quick-release mechanism.

Safety alarms. The blower continuously monitors airflow and includes visual and audible low flow/low voltage alarms to enhance the wearer’s safety.

Flexible breathing tube for expanded ease of use. Notably, the breathing tube offers even greater flexibility to ensure maximum airflow through an operator’s range of motion and activities.

The European launch comes during a period of unprecedented growth within the Company’s life sciences business and entry into new markets such as liquid handling and chemicals content.

“The Sentinel Clear XE PAPR is a game-changer for operators processing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) and we are glad that our customers in Europe will now have access to this innovative system,” said Corey Walker, CEO of ILC Dover. “Our PPE solutions are great examples of how ILC Dover offers broader workflow solutions for our growing life sciences customer base in addition to our nimble response to the ever-changing healthcare landscape. As we saw with the immense demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, our PPE solutions continue to improve safety and productivity for our customers all over the world.”

Source: Company Press Release