ICONIK consolidates and standardises data from multiple sources, including CTMS, EDC, IVR and ePRO, and combines the data with analytical, reporting and visualisation tools to provide a single view of study information.

ICONIK provides knowledge to study teams by allowing them to access to study performance metrics, critical safety and efficacy data, and analysis of the data.

ICON said as part of the ICONIK solution it has deployed the Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub, which forms the backbone of the ICONIK Clinical Data Repository.

Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub is a validated and secure repository that pools clinical and non-clinical data from multiple sources into a single environment where it can be analysed and reported to support better decision-making.

ICON Information Technology senior vice president Mike McGrath said ICONIK provides data transparency and visualisation of all study data, from site selection through to database lock and enables clients to view critical safety and efficacy trends as they emerge.

"We have implemented Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub to consolidate our clinical data and we are on track to roll out the next phase of ICONIK, which will include the integration of imaging and laboratory data," McGrath said.