Cardiovascular medical technology firm Biotronik has introduced a new CardioMessenger Smart portable monitoring device in the US.


CardioMessenger Smart, which is about the size of a modern smartphone, keeps pacemaker, implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) patients connected to their physician remotely.

Via Bitronik Home Monitoring, the CardioMessenger Smart offers secure and fully automatic transmission of vital information from a patient’s cardiac implant to their physician.

The device generates daily, automatic reports and fully customizable alerts, which can be programmed to the physician’s specifications.

CardioMessenger Smart device consistently transmits data necessary for physicians to identify and prevent potential cardiac events.

Biotronik said the device is fully automatic, providing daily reports of cardiac activity via worldwide cellular networks to physicians without the patient’s intervention.

Biotronik president Marlou Janssen said: "Biotronik pioneered modern wireless remote monitoring technologies in the year 2000 and we continue to invest in advancements that make life more enjoyable for patients living with cardiac conditions.

"The TRUST study demonstrated that Biotronik Home Monitoring delivers greater than 90% reliability1 of daily remote monitoring transmissions, providing more complete data for physicians to use in optimizing patient care."

Based in Berlin of Germany, Biotronik manufactures and markets cardio and endovascular medical devices in around 100 countries.

Image: Biotronik’s CardioMessenger Smart portable monitoring device. Photo: courtesy of BIOTRONIK SE & Co.KG.