The Proteus ONE is a new single-room system that reduces cost, minimises the space and shortens the installation time required to build a Proton Therapy center and also offers integrated 3-D Cone Beam CT imaging that rotates around a patient, capturing detailed tumor images, IBA Particle Therapy said.

IBA claims that the Proteus ONE is an even smaller, more affordable Proton Therapy treatment room for cancer patients than the Proteus Nano, a two-room treatment solution introduced by it in the fall of 2009.

The advantage to the Proteus ONE development is its ability to leverage existing, proven IBA technology, including the Pencil Beam Scanning proton delivery method and advanced treatment control system.

IBA founder Yves Jongen said that Proteus ONE extends the range of possibilities IBA systems offer to the health community, reducing the cost of Particle Therapy and while Proteus 235 remains the most advanced and adaptable Proton Therapy system on the market, Proteus ONE will allow more patients to benefit from IBA technology.