Heska claimed that the VitalPath analyzer delivers accurate results in just 50 seconds for blood gases, electrolytes, and hematocrit, as well as 27 additional calculated parameters. Requiring just under 70 microliters of sample, the VitalPath can be customised to suit the needs of any clinic.

Heska’s offerings to its customers include diagnostic instruments and supplies as well as single use, point-of-care tests, pharmaceuticals and vaccines. The company’s core focus is on the canine and feline markets where it strives to provide high value products and customer support to veterinarians.

Michael McGinley, president and chief operating officer of Heska, said: “We are very pleased to offer the VitalPath analyzer as an essential part of the veterinary team’s in-house laboratory. Our customers have the highest standards for companion animal care and in emergencies, they depend on fast, accurate results to make immediate treatment decisions. We are proud to address this important need with the latest edition to our advanced line-up of diagnostic blood analyzers.”