Medical technology firm Hologic has acquired digital radiography solutions provider Faxitron Bioptics for about $85m.

Steve MacMillan, Chairman, President & CEO, Hologic

Image: Hologic chairman and CEO Steve MacMillan. Photo: courtesy of Hologic Inc.

The acquisition of Faxitron Bioptics will help Hologic to expand its breast health product portfolio and play a significant role in breast conserving surgery.

Hologic breast and skeletal health solutions division president Pete Valenti said: “Faxitron, like Hologic, has built a strong brand focused on improving the patient experience with market-leading products from digital specimen radiography to breast lesion localization to sentinel lymph node biopsy solutions.”

Faxitron markets a range of products across major categories including digital specimen radiography, breast lesion localization, and sentinel lymph node biopsy.

The company, which supplies its products to breast surgeons and pathologists, recently introduced VisionCT system.

VisionCT is claimed to be the world’s first 3D breast specimen-designated CT system to provide 360-degree images of excised lesions.

Designed to improve intraoperative specimen margin assessment, VisionCT enables to present both 2D orthogonal images under 30 seconds andull reconstruction of the whole specimen under four minutes.

The company also produces BioVision system that offers immediate verification of excised breast tissue margins. The system simultaneously sends annotated images to mammography via PACS and the specimen directly to pathology.

PathVision system has been developed for immediate and routine access to high-resolution imaging, and can be used in applications such as breast specimens, bones, fetuses and remains.

Faxitron’s VersaVision system offers immediate quality images for instant verification of core biopsy and surgically excised specimen samples.

The firm’s CoreVision system allows immediate verification of core samples, enabling to save time and minimize patient stress.

Hologic chairman and CEO Steve MacMillan said: “This is a great tuck-in acquisition that leverages our existing strength in the breast health channel, while providing attractive growth and return on invested capital.”

Hologic produces breast and skeletal health solutions, diagnostic solutions, gynecologic surgical solutions and medical aesthetics solutions.

Some of the company’s products includeTrident specimen radiography system, Eviva breast biopsy system, SmartCurve breast stabilization system and Viera portable breast ultrasound system.