GreenLight Behavioral Assessments is a digital platform featuring patient administered behavioral assessments designed to enhance efficiency, improve clinical outcomes and expand mental health offerings in medical practices


Image: Henry Schein Medical to use GreenLight Behavioral Assessments. Photo: Courtesy of TeroVesalainen/Pixabay

Henry Schein Medical, the U.S. medical business of Henry Schein, Inc., today announced the expansion of its SolutionsHub into the behavioral health space with GreenLight Behavioral Assessments, a cloud-based digital platform featuring patient administered behavioral assessments designed to enhance efficiency, improve clinical outcomes, and expand mental health offerings in medical practices.

GreenLight features over 25 validated behavioral health assessments that simplify the process of identifying and monitoring the health conditions of patients. In addition to mental health assessments, GreenLight also provides a variety of substance use and social determinants tests, enabling a much wider dimension of patient care. Using GreenLight, practices eliminate the need for paper tests, manual scoring, scanning, filing, or taking time for patient interviews. All tests are instantaneously scored and securely stored on the cloud, and the results are presented in an easy to use “At-a-Glance” color-coded report.

“We’re pleased to have GreenLight as the first behavioral health solution offered through Henry Schein SolutionsHub,” said Michael Casamassa, Vice President, Solutions and Planning, Henry Schein Medical. “Henry Schein SolutionsHub helps customers transform their practices and prosper in any health care environment, and with the addition of GreenLight solutions, providers now have the ability to identify and monitor behavioral health conditions while enhancing their practice.”

As a management solution for behavioral health assessments, providers have access to comprehensive reports and functionality that allow them to manage the behavioral health assessment process for their entire patient population. In addition, data from GreenLight can easily be exported for use with population health and quality management systems.

“Millions of Americans suffer with mental health disorders, and it is our mission at GreenLight to help fix that problem,” said Rodney Hamilton, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, GreenLight. “GreenLight is a proven solution that has tested over 600,000 patients with almost two million assessments to date. Together with Henry Schein Medical, we can help more practices better identify patients struggling with these illnesses.”

Source: Company Press Release