Bayer said that people with diabetes can plug in and instantly access information about trends and patterns in their blood glucose levels with the integrated Glucofacts Deluxe software.

The Contour USB is as simple to use as any standard blood glucose meter. The meter stores up to 2,000 test results, which patients can access on any computer, whether at home, at the doctor’s office, or on the go with their laptop.

Marc Saltzman, technology expert, said: “Technology is all about making people’s lives easier, so it’s great to see it being applied for the benefit of people living with diabetes. Bayer’s Contour USB includes many of the convenient and advanced features you might expect to find on many consumer devices. With its slick, stylish and user-friendly design features, it’s a great fit for today’s busy, plugged-in lifestyle.”

Amish Parikh, endocrinologist at Trillium Health Centre, said: “Patients have traditionally relied on log books to help keep track of their blood sugar levels. Bayer’s Contour USB meter is a tool that effectively allows patients to store, access and interpret these readings. Patients can now easily identify important blood sugar issues. This helps them to adjust their insulin and pills thereby avoiding dangerously high and low blood sugar levels.”