Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Established in 1995, FSSB produces a wide range of needles for use in surgery, including micro, ophthalmic and standard surgical needles.

The company also collaborates with partners to attach the needles to sutures used in ophthalmic, cardiovascular and sternotomy procedures.

FSSB has developed automated and proprietary manufacturing technology that allows in producing better quality needles.

Headquartered in Jestetten, the firm has manufacturing facility in Poessneck.

Surgical Specialties president and COO Victor Diaz said: "The combined companies will offer a broader range of products and services both in terms of bulk needles and needles sold with attached sutures to our OEM, branded and private label customers.

"The degree of FSSB process automation will ensure delivery of high quality needles to our customers in a flexible and cost effective fashion."

Surgical Specialties produces products for the dental, ophthalmic, plastic surgery, dermatology, orthopedics, urology, microsurgery, veterinary and trauma specialties.