In response to the requests of their customers for a more versatile and higher volume product, Healeon has developed a PRP solution that is the best available answer for all of the ever-expanding uses for which platelet rich plasma is currently being employed.

As with all Healeon Medical regenerative products, the new HD PRP is designed for point-of-care treatments in the physician’s office. This HD PRP offers the clinician a variety of options, concentrations and volumes in producing platelet-rich plasma.

The new HD PRP series features an array of PRP tubes and accessories – 12cc, 15cc and 30cc collection tubes – all capable of producing a more potent PRP, in denser concentrations and higher volumes, suitable for any application where PRP is indicated.

“Through 2 years of research and development, we created a product line that provides the clinician the ease of use and the flexibility that truly represents the best value for their money,” says Jeff Greiner, CEO of Healeon Medical.

“Healeon HD PRP is easy to use, has a high platelet capture rate and the flexibility to produce the entire spectrum of above-base-line concentrations needed.  Realizing not all PRP is created equal, and with science catching up to the bedside, Healeon has made it easier for clinicians to feel comfortable in choosing the right PRP product for the desired application.”

Healeon HD PRP, through its simple 3-step process, is one of the easiest and most reliable systems available on the market.  The range in sizes provides versatility and options for the clinician to select a tube based on the desired concentration range for the indication being treated.

Source: Company Pres Release