EDP Biotech, a US-based developer of ColoMarker, a blood test to detect the early stages of colon cancer, has begun its global rollout and early commercialisation process.

EDP Biotech said that ColoMarker functions as a simple blood test, identifies elevated levels of a biomarker in the bloodstream associated with the presence of colorectal cancers and physicians can consult with their patients on the need for additional testing to aid in a diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment plan, when an elevated result is received.

EDP Biotech claims that pre-clinical testing of ColoMarker has shown greater than 99% accuracy rate for detecting colon cancer in the Stages I, II, and III.

EDP Biotech CEO Tom Boyd said that they chose the Medica Trade Fair for their global introduction as it is the largest medical trade show outside of North America and their focus was to begin the early commercialisation process by familiarising and qualifying distributors for the global rollout of ColoMarker.

"Based on the significant amount of interest we received, we anticipate a presence in some 45 countries involving in excess of 39 distributors over the next four months as well as an early participation in various CRC screening programs in selected countries," Boyd said.