Havel’s said the new improved needle comes with easier to see reflectors, which make using ultrasound easier.

The original EchoStim had 3 rows of 3 Corner Cube Reflectors (CCR) near the tip of the needle.

Depending on how one held the needle, there were times the reflectors were not facing the transducer, which required rotation of the needle to bring the reflectors in to view.

The new 4 rows of 4 pattern make this much less likely as there is less space between rows.

According to Havel’s, the extra row and the 4th reflector in each row will also make the dots more noticeable, giving the EchoStim 16 reflectors in the needle’s first 5.5 mm.

The manufacturing process has also been improved making each CCR brighter under ultrasound.

Havel’s is the exclusive distributor of Hakko Medical, Japan, a manufacturer of innovative spinal and procedure needles.