Human Design Medical (HDM) has introduced its new sleep therapy solution Z1 Auto CPAP, which customizes therapy for each individual by monitoring pressure requirements thousands of times per night.


By using the lowest possible therapy pressure throughout the sleep cycle, the Z1 Auto automatically responds to changes in breathing patterns and delivers maximum comfort.

Z1 Auto is paired with a new iOS App Nitelog. It syncs most iOS devices upon command with the Z1 Auto to display immediate and complete therapy results such as Apnea/Hypopnea Count, Usage Hours, Apnea/Hypopnea Index and Pressure.

The company noted that the results are available in day-week-month presentations and can be shared with a healthcare provider or physician by e-mail.

HDM sales and marketing senior vice president Steve Moore said: "The Z1 Auto alone is a giant leap forward in CPAP technology and portability, and coupling it with Nitelog has created a CPAP user’s best friend.

"Now users can sync their device with their phone to monitor their sleep data as their first activity upon awakening."

Image: HDM’s new sleep therapy solution Z1 Auto. Photo: courtesy of Human Design Medical, LLC.