By using the lowest possible therapy pressure throughout the sleep cycle, the Z1 Auto automatically responds to changes in breathing patterns and delivers maximum comfort.

Z1 Auto is paired with a new iOS App Nitelog. It syncs most iOS devices upon command with the Z1 Auto to display immediate and complete therapy results such as Apnea/Hypopnea Count, Usage Hours, Apnea/Hypopnea Index and Pressure.

The company noted that the results are available in day-week-month presentations and can be shared with a healthcare provider or physician by e-mail.

HDM sales and marketing senior vice president Steve Moore said: "The Z1 Auto alone is a giant leap forward in CPAP technology and portability, and coupling it with Nitelog has created a CPAP user’s best friend.

"Now users can sync their device with their phone to monitor their sleep data as their first activity upon awakening."

Image: HDM’s new sleep therapy solution Z1 Auto. Photo: courtesy of Human Design Medical, LLC.