Health to U (H2U), a healthcare technology company engaged in providing digital health and wellbeing platforms, has secured $8m funding to support its new health ecosystem.

Led by SHARP and Foxconn Technology, the investment round also saw participation from ADATA Technology, TOPCO Scientific,, WeLeader Bio, Flight International, and Wondercise.

H2U intends to use the funding to strengthen its partnerships with digital healthcare brands, to create a subscription-based workplace health ecosystem.

H2U CEO Saxon Chen said: “Through the platform, users will be able to obtain data from ongoing check-ups and receive personalized health advice and information.

“The vast uncertainty and unpredictableness brought on by the pandemic have resulted in restrictions and health risks to all of our lives.”

According to the company, its Digital Health Platform is designed to analyse first-party data, with a focus on holistic health, sports, and diets.

The H2U Digital Health platform is an advanced offering that delivers insightful reviews based on the data collected from connected products and services.

It enables the users to access their records anytime, and allows them to use personalised health solutions and products.

The platform is currently being used to design customised solutions, including health management, sports scheduling, health promotional events in the workplace.

In addition to strategic partnerships, it has the resources supporting the development of precision medicine, biomedicine, and blockchain applications, said H2U.

The company aims to expand its offering to the global market this year, through investment from Japan and Silicon Valley, and launch an overseas IPO in two years.

H2U and partners are teaming up to provide superior solutions, and its Digital Health ecosystem is claimed to equally benefit strategic partners and users.