UK-based Hekka Labs has introduced a decentralised healthcare ecosystem to enable effective health record management.

With focus on the Southeast Asia, the company will initially roll out the new ecosystem in India, where it will establish a large chronic disease data management network.

It intends to expand the offering to the remaining world through the design and implementation of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

To implement the decentralised healthcare ecosystem, Hekka has entered initial partnerships with three Indian healthcare solution providers.

Hekka has teamed up with Curisin, a healthcare company with a network of 30 million patients and 40,000 partner doctors, to provide at least 1.5 million medical records in 2022.

In addition, it will receive up to 20 separate blood biomarkers, along with Covid 19 data on 100,000 patients, to support initial trial for its blockchain audit trail platform.

Immunidex, a healthcare solution provider offering AI-powered tests and applications, has agreed to capture quality data for the Hekka network.

Telemedicine Indian Company, a start-up that offers telemedicine services, blood tests, and health screening has also signed agreements with the company for data generation.

With the integration of DLT, Hekka is expected to provide a turnkey solution that enables easy interaction with the HEKKA ecosystem without interruption.

The new ecosystem is said to solve the inherent problems in the healthcare industry, such as inefficient biomarker management, document hogging and improper data management.

Hekka Labs aims to become a large chronic illness and immunology platform in India.

According to the company, its private and public blockchain network solution would enhance healthcare data management in India.

It intends to evolve as a significant decentralised healthcare ecosystem in the long-term, by connecting the network of medical and associated healthcare providers.

The approach would make tens of billions of chronic disease digital biomarkers available for deep learning, potentially advancing new healthcare discoveries.

HEK, the native token of the Hekka ecosystem, has been launched in the Ethereum network’s ERC-20 standards for its intensive security and global reputation.