The company has also built two centers of excellence – the Barmherzige Bruder Hospital and the Hallein Clinic in Austria.

The EndoBarrier is a non-surgical device which lowers blood glucose levels and promote weight loss in diabetic and obese patients during the implant period.

According to the company, the clinical studies showed that treatment with the EndoBarrier may improve patients’ HbA1c (glucose) levels, enable substantial weight loss, and improve other metabolic functions including cholesterol, blood sugar and triglycerides.

GI Dynamics has also entered into an agreement with D/A/CH Medical Group to sell and distribute EndoBarrier in Austria.

GI Dynamics CEO Stuart Randle said they look forward to expand the availability of the EndoBarrier to additional Centers of Excellence in Europe, Australia and the Pacific Rim, and South America.

GI Dynamics has also received an investigational device exemption approval to start a pilot trial of the EndoBarrier in the US.