In addition to the distribution partners across all major markets in Europe announced earlier, distribution agreements have been signed with Sedeer Medical, Headquarters in Qatar, and Bühlmann Laboratories in Switzerland.

GenePOC has today commercial reach across Europe and the Middle East for the commercialization of its first products. This is a key milestone in the evolution of GenePOC's commercial operations.

"The GenePOC CDiff test will fulfill the increasing market need for affordable, fully automated and easy to use testing at Point of Care as early detection of C. difficile can lead to better control and management of the infection, which in turn can improve patient health, reduce the risk of transmission, and potentially lower mortality and morbidity", Patrice Allibert CEO of GenePOC commented.

"We are also delighted to start our commercialization with the signing of these additional collaborations. We have seen first-hand the enthusiasm of our partners during our first distributors' meeting in Q4 of 2016 and in recent pre-launch interactions. We expect the combination of exceptional products and partners to lead to rapid adoption of the revogene™ platform", he continued.

The commercial partners signed up today are Astra Formedic S.r.l. in Italy, bestbion dx GmbH in Germany/Austria, Biosynex Group in France, EMM Life Science AB in Sweden/Denmark/Finland/Norway/Iceland, Fannin Ltd in Ireland, Mediphos Group BV in Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg, Near Patient Diagnostics Ltd in the UK, Vitro S.A.B. de C.V. in Spain/Portugal, Sedeer Medical direct or through partners in Qatar, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman, and Bühlmann Laboratories in Switzerland.

Negotiations are ongoing for those countries not listed yet and GenePOC expects to sign on additional distributors in the coming months to best serve customers initially in the EMEA region and later in the year globally.

GenePOC is a company that specializes in the development of rapid diagnostic devices which enable the prevention and detection of infectious diseases. GenePOC is a member of the Debiopharm Group.

The company devised the GenePOC Diagnostics system, enabling rapid microbial testing at the point of care (POC). The revogene™ instrument can analyze any type of infection in no more than an hour, is easy to operate and deals with a wide range of biological samples, making it a user-friendly and efficient tool.