The Vivid E9 Breakthrough 2011 (BT11) provides features designed to help improve image quality, quantification and workflow.

The BT 11 introduces multi-slice acquisition technology in cardiovascular ultrasound with the ability to acquire images of up to 12 slices of the heart, and automated function imaging (AFI) for tri-plane measurements.

The BT11 also includes new quantification tools including 4D strain, 2D auto EF and AFI for TEE, for left ventricular, global and regional function.

GE Healthcare Cardiovascular Ultrasound general manager Al Lojewski said that the enhancements to Vivid E9 are a direct result of customer feedback, and are designed to simplify the use of 4D ultrasound and encourage its use in day-to-day cardiology practice.

“With its unique features and high level of quality and functionality, the latest version of the Vivid E9 is an example of how we can help cardiovascular physicians provide excellent care to their patients,” Lojewski said.