US-based biotechnology company Cardio Diagnostics has rolled out its integrated epigenetic-genetic blood test, PrecisionCHD, for the early detection of coronary heart disease.

PrecisionCHD is said to be the second clinical test created using Cardio Diagnostics’ unique AI-driven Integrated Epigenetic-Genetic Engine, after the initial product Epi+Gen CHD.

Epi+Gen CHD is a three-year coronary heart disease risk assessment test.

Cardio Diagnostics said that the two tests address coronary heart disease across the entire spectrum, from assessing risk for prevention to early detection.

The company intends to develop a series of integrated epigenetic-genetic clinical tests for other cardiovascular diseases and associated conditions over the next two years.

Cardio Diagnostics co-founder and chief medical officer Robert Philibert said: “The launch of PrecisionCHD represents a leap forward in cardiovascular medicine. I’m beyond thrilled that we’re able to make the promise of precision cardiovascular medicine a reality.

“Clinicians seeking to assess coronary heart disease status in their patients no longer have to worry about their ability to obtain an exercise stress test or angiogram.

“Now, clinicians can have a blood sample drawn in their office or a kit sent to their patient’s home for this highly sensitive test.”

PrecisionCHD leverages DNA methylation and single nucleotide polymorphism, as epigenetic and genetic biomarkers, respectively.

The test also uses a unique machine-learning model based on billions of genomic and epigenomic data points, to detect coronary heart disease with more than 75% sensitivity.

It comes with a characteristic provider-only Actionable Clinical Intelligence platform that maps a patient’s unique biomarker profile onto modifiable risk factors.

The risk factors include diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and smoking, known to be critical drivers of coronary heart disease.

Cardio Diagnostics claims that its solutions can be administered in provider settings or remotely through a combination of at-home sampling and telehealth solutions.

Cardio Diagnostics co-founder and CEO Meesha Dogan said: PrecisionCHD gives providers a complement to traditional CHD diagnostic solutions. The test is non-invasive, simple, and provides an informative, personalised patient report of CHD status.

“PrecisionCHD would not have been possible without Cardio Diagnostics being at the forefront of pioneering technology at the intersection of epigenetics, genetics, and Artificial Intelligence focused on reducing the burden of the number one killer.

“PrecisionCHD and Epi+Gen CHD are tools to get ahead of coronary heart disease for healthcare providers, employers, and payers in this era because this is the age of AI-enabled precision medicine.”