Cardiac Insight, Inc., a digital health innovator specializing in wearable cardiac sensors and automated electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis software announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement with i.SigNal, Dreamtech’s dedicated brand and organization for digital healthcare. The agreement grants i.SigNal master distribution rights for Cardiac Insight’s Cardea SOLO™ single-use wearable ECG patch and proprietary analysis software system throughout 23 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Korea, Singapore, India, Japan and Australia.

The Cardea SOLO™ wire-free ECG recording patch and Software Analysis System is an integral part of the world’s only all-inclusive seven-day ambulatory ECG System that delivers rapid, in-clinic automated cardiac analysis and reporting. Cardea SOLO™ helps physicians significantly increase cardiac arrhythmia detection and diagnostic yield through its high-resolution, medical grade design and longer patient wear time duration compared to traditional one and two day Holter ECG monitors. It maximizes hospital and clinic staff productivity per ECG test while keeping valuable patient data within the healthcare institution for enhanced data privacy, security and cost-effectiveness. The Cardea SOLO™ System is a standalone solution and does not require internet access, cloud computing solutions or third-party outsourcing.

“Unobtrusive, single-use Cardea SOLO wearable sensors and the timely point-of-care results available for clinician review are key patient and physician benefits driving the global adoption of Cardiac Insight’s technology. Our international distribution partnership with i.SigNal by Dreamtech is a key collaboration for Cardiac Insight, combining our first-in-class ECG technology with i.SigNal’s strategic healthcare market focus that will accelerate adoption of the Cardea SOLO™ System on a global scale,” said Brad Harlow, Cardiac Insight’s CEO.

The agreement with i.SigNal follows a strong increase in demand for the Cardea SOLO™ System measured by consistent year-over-year sales growth in the United States. More physicians and healthcare institutions are choosing Cardea SOLO for its patient- and telehealth-compliant form factor and accelerated ECG reporting to streamline and accelerate their cardiac arrhythmia diagnostic process.

“Cardiac Insight’s market-disrupting ECG patch technology delivers compelling value to Korea and Asia-Pacific markets by providing increased productivity to health care systems. It will help physicians improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of serious cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation, that, left untreated, can lead to disabling stroke, heart failure and death,” said Min Kim, Dreamtech CEO. “With our resources and rich history of market innovation, development, and branding excellence, we are proud of this partnership to bring some of the world’s most exciting and impactful healthcare solutions to physicians and their patients in the Asia-Pacific region.”

i.SigNal by Dreamtech obtained a medical device license for Cardea SOLO from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in late 2020 and is moving forward with regulatory approval and distribution activities in other Asia-Pacific markets.

Source: Company Press Release