Medical device maker GE Healthcare has introduced its next-generation advanced ultrasound Voluson Expert 22 for women’s health portfolio.

The new offering leverages graphic-based beam former technology to generate pictures of higher quality and provides more flexibility in imaging operations.

It features AI-powered technology that guarantees increased consistency in exams and a reduction in the number of jobs.

The next-generation Voluson Expert 22 also offers a new user experience through customisable touch panels, colour, and lighting options.

Its Lyric Architecture unlocks new imaging and processing capability to provide pictures with higher resolution, more detail and improved independence from body habit and other challenging scanning settings.

Voluson’s Lyric Architecture creates new levels of penetration, resolution, and frame rates to easily display fine anatomy in 2D, 3D, and 4D.

GE said that the ultrasound also offers consistency throughout the image with greater spatial and contrast precision.

The 23.8-inch high-definition ultrasound (HDU) display has a simple, fluid user interface and offers three picture sizes, including distinct full-screen images that let clinicians work comfortably and easily notice finer details.

GE Healthcare Women’s Health general manager Gerald Seifriedsberger said: “Technology continues to move obstetrics and gynaecology forward, but there is a delicate balance between using technology to enhance medical care and the human role in medicine.

“We are incredibly proud to build on our legacy of innovation in women’s health with the introduction of the Voluson Expert 22, and deliver advanced ultrasound imaging at the point of care that allows for more shared decision-making between clinician and patient.”

More than 400 million women’s health ultrasound tests are performed annually by doctors using GE Healthcare’s Voluson ultrasound devices, said the company.