The system gives clinicians more data than conventional scans in a fraction of the time. 

SyntheticMR claims that Magnetic Resonance Image Compilation (MAGiC) is industry’s first multi-contrast magnetic resonance technique which has received clearance from the FDA. The technology offers clinicians more data than conventional scanning in a fraction of the time.

SyntheticMR CEO Stefan Tell said: “FDA clearance of MAGiC is a very important step and a significant achievement by our partner GE Healthcare.

“The U.S. market alone is the largest MRI market globally. FDA clearance means that MAGiC now has regulatory approval and is available for sale on most major markets globally.”

MAGiC offers users an ease in manipulating images retrospectively, which can lead to significant time saving, fewer rescans and therefore higher cost savings. When all these features are combined, it says that the software can help clinicians in an accurate diagnosis.

GE Healthcare has conducted blinded, multi-center, multi-reader clinical study which compared MAGiC to a conventional MRI. Clinicians from six different sites compared the two methods and found that the image quality was comparable to an MRI scan, whilst taking just a fraction of time.

GE Healthcare MR president and CEO Eric Stahre said: “MAGiC is a terrific clinical innovation. This study proves that this technique can improve the way clinicians conduct neuro scans and diagnose their patients.

“Neuro scans are approximately thirty percent of all MR scans; therefore MAGiC could have a tremendous impact on the MR community. GE Healthcare is committed to delivering industry-leading MR innovations that advance clinical care.

“We are very excited to be the first company to bring MAGiC to market for our customers and their patients.”