Fujirebio Europe has announced the commercial introduction of RoboBlot instrument for the automated processing of the widely used INNO-LIA Score assays.

Manufactured by Bee Robotics, the closed system for the automated processing of INNO-LIA Score assays will be distributed by Fujirebio Europe.

The closed system features pre-programmed test protocols, which offer start-to-finish automation of strip-based INNO-LIA Score assays.

Its automation capabilities range from sample addition, over strip processing, image capture, to result interpretation and applicable laboratory information system (LIS) communication.

Fujirebio Europe CEO Christiaan De Wilde said: “High throughput testing and more automation are an increasingly pressing need for laboratories. The typical drawbacks of manual testing, such as long hands-on time, inconsistent assay handling and issues with traceability, will become part of the past.

“The RoboBlot instrument will radically improve the laboratory workflow for our customers, from tedious manual or semi-automated work into fully automated testing.”

Fujirebio Europe stated that RoboBlot expands the range of automated solutions already offered by the company for the INNO-LIA Score assay portfolio.

It provides high-throughput testing, full automation with pipetting up to 50 samples and integrated camera for scanning and interpretation with Fujirebio LiRAS software, offering complete traceability.

In addition, Fujirebio offers Tendigo automated solution for this portfolio.

In November 2020, Centogene collaborated with Fujirebio Europe to offer rapid and quality preventive SARS-CoV-2 antigen testing.

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