The new, wireless version of the FDR D-EVO is 14 x 17" flat panel detector can easily convert any analog room to digital with a seamless direct fit into existing table or upright systems, Fujifilm Medical Systems said.

The FDR D-EVO provides ease-of-positioning and flexibility for use in imaging environments and there is no sensor cord to interfere with the patient positioning when using the detector in the operating room or intensive care.

Using Fujifilm’s patented Irradiation Side Sampling (ISS), a technology that improves detective quantum efficiency (DQE), the system enables technologists to take quality images at lower doses.

The FDR D-EVO Wireless detector achieves dose efficiency improvements compared to similar DR detectors and the design reduces scatter and blur of x-rays captured, resulting in sharper images with greater detail that enhances diagnostic confidence for the radiologist, the company said.

The wireless detector is the ideal solution for orthopaedic exams where low dose is required to produce the fine details for images of delicate areas like the wrist, hand or leg.

Fujifilm Modality Solutions senior product manager Rob Fabrizio said that Fujifilm expands its DR product line, the focus remains dedicated to provide solutions that yield the exceptional image quality that their customers expect from them.

"We are proud to deliver on that expectation and have every confidence that our FDR D-EVO Wireless will exceed Fujifilm’s reputation for superior image quality and ease of use," Fabrizio said.