HCR Home Care, a certified and licensed, employee-owned home health care agency in upstate New York, has partnered with Cardiocom to provide an interactive opportunity to proactively manage patient care.

Cardiocom develops, manufactures and markets its own telehealth devices for heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, COPD, asthma and other chronic conditions.

HCR patients with chronic illnesses such as heart failure will use the Cardiocom Commander Telehealth System to communicate with an HCR nurse.

The Commander Home Telehealth System guides the patient through an interactive ‘Health Check’ that includes the collection of symptoms, a review of care plan compliance, and the input of vital signs such as weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate.

The information is immediately transmitted over a standard phone line or a cellular signal to the HCR nurse for review.

HCR Patient Services VP Elizabeth Zicari said by transmitting objective, real-time health data every day, the patient is connected to their medical team so that their care plan can be adjusted as needed.

"HCR has used telehealth monitoring with many of its patients in the past, but this new system uses today’s most advanced telehealth monitoring technology. We anticipate that Cardiocom’s unique system will improve our patients’ engagement and quality of life," Zicari said.