XStream aiCockpit provides access to customised AI-driven workflows and visualisations launched from any PACS, worklist, dictation software or hospital system

Fovia XStream aiCockpit XStream aiPlatform AI Visualization

Image: XStream aiCockpit and XStream aiPlatform by Fovia (Credit: Fovia, Inc)

Fovia Ai, a subsidiary of cloud-based imaging SDKs provider Fovia, has launched its XStream aiCockpit and XStream aiPlatform to enable radiologists and clinicians to access AI results directly within their existing workflows.

The company said that its XStream aiCockpit is 2D and 3D visualisation software that can be accessed as a white‑label product or through native integration.

It enables effective navigation and meaningful interaction with diverse AI results, real‑time interactive tools and validation on local populations.

In addition, the XStream aiCockpit is claimed to provide radiologists with access to customised AI-driven workflows and visualisations launched from any picture archiving and communication system (PACS), worklist, dictation software or hospital system.

XStream aiCockpit fills the gap between AI algorithms and PACS

XStream aiPlatform is a vendor-neutral ecosystem that connects AI developers, PACS and hospital systems, enabling the efficient delivery of AI-driven tools to radiologists.

The company said that the dynamic design of the platform would allow PACS to gain control over the complete AI workflow experience by selecting algorithms.

In addition, it controls the flow of the AI results, and allows the results to be viewed using visualisation capabilities of the XStream aiCockpit or through their own native PACS viewer.

Fovia Ai’s offers complementary product suite that includes F.A.S.T. AI Annotation, F.A.S.T. AI Validation, F.A.S.T. AI Workflows, F.A.S.T. Interactive AI and F.A.S.T. Interactive Segmentation, to annotate, validate, modify, accept/reject, interact with and segment data.

The company claims that the flexible architecture of its products facilitate easy integration and leverages nearly two decades of its experience in radiology integration with different partners across platforms, processors and operating systems.

Established in 2003, Fovia is engaged in developing High Definition Volume Rendering (HDVR), a CPU-based, advanced visualisation platform.

Fovia’s XStream HDVR SDK Suite enables the development of local, enterprise‑wide and remote volumetric rendering workflows,

Furthermore, its F.A.S.T. Cloud SDK enables developers to write zero‑footprint advanced visualization applications one time, and distribute them across any web‑enabled device through a client‑side interface.