The preloaded ARROW PICC enables clinicians to save the time and process of loading the ARROW VPS Stylet into the catheter by making vascular navigation and catheter tip positioning easy.

ARROW VPS, which features stable Blue Bullseye using intravascular Doppler, ECG and advanced algorithmic logic, notifies the clinician that the catheter tip has reached the optimal location.

Teleflex vascular division president Paul Molloy said, "Providing clinicians with the ARROW VPS Stylet preloaded into the ARROW PICC is one of a series of new product introductions that demonstrates our continuous commitment to reducing vascular access complications and improving ease of use for clinicians."

Clinically, the ARROW VPS confirms accurate catheter tip position in the lower 1/3 of the SVC-Cavo-Atrial Junction and features a TaperFree body designed to ensure consistent French size along the entire length of the catheter.