Last week, Terason has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its ultrasound probe, when equipped with Soma’s patented AxoTrack virtual needle technology.

Together, Terason’s ultrasound system AxoTrack-equipped probe and AxoTrack sterile procedure kit comprise a system, which is designed to provide a clear path to the anatomic target and uninterrupted needle visualization throughout the procedure.

The system when tested in vitro, the success rate for needle placement using AxoTrack technology was 99.3% versus 37.1% with the standard freehand method.

Soma Access Systems president and chief medical officer Stephen Ridley said the device has the potential to increase physician accuracy and set a new standard of care, thus reducing morbidity and mortality.

Soma said AxoTrack will be available on Terason’s ultrasound systems by mid-Summer 2012.