Vicor Technologies is focused on the commercialization of its PD2i Analyzer, a non-invasive diagnostic.

The approval enables Vicor to market the PD2i Analyzer directly to cardiologists as a diagnostic specifically targeted for use in cardiovascular disease testing, including the Ewing Maneuvers, which are performed during PD2i Analyzer ECG data collection.

The PD2i software will to be used as a measure of heart rate variability at rest, and in response to controlled exercise and paced respiration (Ewing Maneuvers) in patients specifically undergoing cardiovascular disease testing.

Vicor Technologies said physician use of the PD2i Analyzer is supported literature demonstrating the value of the PD2i nonlinear algorithm as a metric for risk stratifying specific target populations for future pathological events, including diabetics for the presence of diabetic autonomic neuropathy (DAN), cardiovascular disease patients for death resulting from arrhythmia or congestive heart failure, and trauma victims for imminent death absent immediate lifesaving intervention.