The Lariboisiere hospital acquired an EOS system within the framework of a healthcare cooperation consortium between the hospital and the Bachaumont private radiology center. The equipment will be used for spine and joint pathologies in adults, with a particular focus on exams associated with hip and knee arthroplasties.

The Trousseau pediatric and perinatal hospital acquired an EOS system within the framework of the Mamuth Musculoskeletal Diseases AP-HP initiative, which includes a multiyear clinical research program. This new EOS system will in particular be dedicated to the imaging of osteo-articular conditions in children, amongst which those with cerebral palsy.

EOS imaging CEO Marie Meynadier noted these two additional installations in Paris further highlight the medical value of the company’s technology.

"The EOS system is immediately usable in the patient care and treatment processes, contributing to the safety and efficiency of orthopedic diagnosis and treatment thanks to its high-quality, low-dose imaging and to the unique 3D reconstruction of the skeleton in a functional position. We are also very pleased to observe and contribute to the development of public-private partnerships enabling the installation of innovative equipment such as EOS," Meynadier added.