The multi-pallet system includes a patented PressureSensorOne (PS1) and a BaseStationOne Multi-Pallet (BS1-MP).

The PS1 is attached to the holding fixture which monitors and wirelessly transmits pressure measurements to the base station.

The PS1 also transmits data such as temperature at the pressure port and inside the sensor, along with battery voltage to the base station, allowing operators to closely monitor the system’s health.

The BS1-MP features an intuitively designed touch panel display which is used to configure the wireless sensors’ thresholds based on the fixture’s requirements, set the data reporting frequency and activate ‘sleep mode’ to conserve battery life and ‘awake’ as required.

The BS1-MP also monitors the machine’s hydraulic clamping pressure and sends an alarm signal to the machine’s controller if the pre-defined pressure thresholds are breeched.

Electrochem Business Development & Marketing director Linda Collette said their solution gives CNC operators unprecedented control and automation over the machining process, which can monitor up to 127 pallets, allowing machine shops both large and small, to get these operational benefits.