ProVecta HD features a 0.4mm focal point for maximum image sharpness when compared with typical 0.7mm focal point of other X-Ray units,

The system’s smaller focal spot allows for a better contrast resolution, offering sharper edge definition and finer details of internal structures.

Air Techniques digital product manager Frank Seipp said: "This is an exciting year for Air Techniques’ digital line, with the recent launch of Luna HD and now the introduction of ProVecta HD.

"ProVecta HD expands our product offering and provides dental practices with a modern, state-of-the-art intraoral X-Ray that is user friendly."

Offering adjustable mA, kV and exposure time and an optional rectangular radiation field collimator, ProVecta’s DC technology allows constant radiation levels for better image quality.

ProVecta HD is available in three extended arm lengths, including 68in, 74in, and 86in, and works with wired sensors, cordless flexible phosphor sensors (PSPs) and film.