Developed by prominent surgeon, Professor Beat Hintermann, this exceptional product line includes the Hintermann Series H3™ 3-piece Total Ankle Replacement prosthesis (formerly known as the HINTEGRA Total Ankle Replacement prosthesis), including a revision platform, and a system available for patients with sensitivities to Cobalt-Chrome alloys;

The Kalix II, a subtalar arthroereisis implant to treat flatfoot deformities and instrumentation and consumables to support the implantable devices.

As of May 1, 2016, DTMT will have the exclusive rights to manufacture, distribute, import, export, market, and sell the entire Hintermann Series product line worldwide, without restriction. Current manufacturers, who have been producing the Hintermann Series products for the past 10 years, will continue to manufacture all products for DTMT, and Healthlink Europe will handle the majority of logistics outside of the United States.

Dr. David Reicher, president and chief executive officer of DTMT, stated, "Our ownership of this superior, clinically-proven line of the Hintermann Series medical devices marks an important milestone for DT MedTech, as we begin to position ourselves as a global leader in lower extremity surgical solutions.

Working diligently alongside Professor Beat Hintermann, we plan to expand worldwide distribution of the Hintermann Series H3 Total Ankle Replacement and will introduce Professor Hintermann’s innovative, 2-piece total ankle replacement device in the very near future. We want to assure all surgeons who currently use these products that the newly acquired devices will remain exactly the same in structure and materials. Additionally, we foresee no disruption in terms of product availability."

DT MedTech maintains offices in Baltimore, Maryland; Salt Lake City, Utah; Saint-Louis, France; and Liestal, Switzerland, and is a stand alone limited liability company owned by Data Trace Partners III, LLC and ROBEAMA GmbH.

As a member of the Data Trace family of businesses, leaders in scientific and medical publishing, marketing, medical malpractice insurance, and information services for more than 29 years, DTMT is well-positioned to provide innovative surgical solutions for lower extremity surgeons with state-of-the-art devices designed to ensure the highest quality prosthesis resulting in better patient outcomes.

The Hintermann Series H3 Total Ankle Replacement, H3 Revision, and H3 Sensitive prosthesis have been time-tested for over 15 years with consistent, successful results.