The platform generates medication dosing and repeat prescription reminders with the aim of improving medicines adherence. It also provides family members and carers the opportunity to provide support through a digital network.

Care4Today Mobile Health Manager aims to support individuals in the UK who take a medicine regularly, such as the 15 million with long-term conditions, by helping to remind them, and their families and carers, which medication they should be taking and when. Since 97% of people in the UK carry a mobile phone with them, using this free technology can help support their self-care by providing a tailored reminder service and a list of all their medications at the touch of a button.

Care4Today Mobile Health Manager can be used to monitor any medication by any manufacturer across any disease area, with over 20,000 registered treatments pre-loaded and users able to quickly and easily add other medicines themselves.

This makes it an invaluable tool for patients, families, carers and healthcare professionals alike to manage chronic conditions which may have complex treatment regimens such as diabetes, cancer and HIV, providing peace of mind.

Care4Today Mobile Health Manager is not just for pill reminders; it can also be helpful for simple but important everyday remedies such as vitamins and minerals supplements, contraceptives, allergy medicines, or activities such as taking a walk.

Created by JHI, part of Janssen-Cilag Ltd, and available free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play, Care4Today Mobile Health Manager sends reminders to the user to take their medication and renew their prescription.

It also features built-in reports that track when and how medicines are taken over a period of time – these reports can be shared with a healthcare professional directly from the mobile phone during appointments.

In addition to working on all smartphones, the online, web-based platform can also be configured to send reminders via text messages to those people with a more standard mobile phone handset.

Designed in consultation with patients, clinicians and pharmacists, the app also features the Care4Family platform.

This function allows people to connect their profile to a designated relative, friend or carer who can then see whether they have taken their medication as prescribed or receive an alert if a dose is missed. As such, the platform can provide peace of mind to users' loved ones, including parents with children managing chronic conditions whilst at university and those with older relatives taking multiple medications.