DJO Incorporated’s (DJO) Chattanooga division has obtained US Patent Number 7597656 for a new Moveo XP Rehabilitation Platform. The company claims that the Moveo XP is the first product of its kind, allowing patients who are incapable of supporting full body weight to participate in graded weight-bearing activity at an earlier stage in their physical rehabilitation.

The Moveo XP Rehabilitation Platform is designed to introduce weight-bearing exercise to deconditioned or bedridden patients at a very early point in their physical rehabilitation. The customized workout intensity lets a patient progress at tolerable levels and allows them and their therapist to see objective and incremental progress, which can increase motivation and foster a sense of accomplishment.

Andrew Holman, executive vice president of sales and marketing, US commercial businesses, siad: “The Moveo XP is an innovative product, transforming the standard treatment platform into a more effective rehabilitation tool,” said Dwayne Hofstatter, senior vice president and general manager of Chattanooga. “Prolonged immobility associated with critical care rehabilitation is a large healthcare expense and weighs heavily on a patient’s quality of life. The sooner a patient is able to perform weight-bearing exercise the better and this is one of the advantages of the new Moveo XP.”

“We are proud of Chattanooga’s unique and differentiated technology achievement with the Moveo XP, which enables care givers to deliver higher quality patient care at an early point in a patient’s rehabilitation,” said . “Innovation that improves the customer and patient experience is the spirit that drives all DJO businesses.”