Varian Medical Systems, a manufacturer of radiotherapy devices, is set to present its advanced clinical capabilities and technologies.

Varian’s various technologies include TrueBeam and Trilogy medical linear accelerator, which accelerate electrons and crash them into a metal target to produce high-energy X-rays to treat tumors.

RapidArc radiotherapy technology is designed to deliver treatments in just few minutes, while Eclipse treatment planning is a computer program based on a doctor’s prescription and a patient’s diagnostic images, so that the radiotherapy beam can be focused on the tumor.

ARIA oncology information system improves workflow and automates managing complex radiotherapy treatments and Brachytherapy solutions treats cancer by placing tiny radiation sources directly into or next to the area requiring treatment.

Varian x-ray products country manager Hsiao-Li Pan said the company’s PaxPower X-ray tubes and flat panel detectors were designed to work together to improve image quality, increase patient throughput and reduce overall cost per procedure.

The company said it will exhibit its technologies at the 24th International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition later in Mar 2012.

Varian will also co-sponsor a day-long ‘Advances in Radiation Oncology’ symposium and will present information about recent advances in proton radiotherapy.