The company stated that Dexter is a CE mark approved surgical robot that combines the affordability of laparoscopy with benefits of robotics through its novel approach


Dexter is a CE mark approved surgical robot. (Credit: David Mark from Pixabay)

Switzerland-based medical equipment manufacturer Distalmotion has raised $90m in a Series E round to support the global commercialisation of its surgical robot Dexter.

Led by Revival Healthcare Capital, the financing round saw participation from 415 CAPITAL and existing investors.

As part of the funding, Revival chairman Rick Anderson will be appointed to Distalmotion board as chairman, while president Lauren Forshey as an observer.

Rick Anderson said: “The market is overdue for a fundamentally new approach to robotic surgery, where the mindset needs to be about ‘the surgeon’s robot,’ not molding ‘the robot’s surgeon’.

“Dexter is designed to work the way surgeons and OR teams work: patient focused and user-centric, providing necessary patient access and optimal tools for every step of the way.

“We are excited to deliver this powerful value proposition to surgeons, OR teams, and patients worldwide.”

Dexter is a CE mark approved surgical robot designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland, and integrates the benefits of laparoscopy and robotics.

It combines the affordability of laparoscopy while delivering the benefits of robotics through its novel approach to robotic surgery, said Distalmotion.

Distalmotion said that its Dexter brings the surgeon back into the sterile field, allowing direct patient access at all times and integrates laparoscopic workflows in the robotic setup.

Its user-centric approach puts the surgeon at the focal point of the procedure, reduces complexity and delivers simple and versatile robotic surgery solution.

The investment, which help the company to advance commercial scaling, follows the completion of initial clinical cases using Dexter.

Lausanne University Hospital colorectal surgery head Dieter Hahnloser has performed the first general surgery procedure using Dexter surgical robot last year.

Dieter Hahnloser said: “Dexter’s open platform and the ability to switch quickly between standard laparoscopy and the robot give me an added sense of control and the freedom of choice to use the best instruments available for the job.

“To have these benefits while remaining sterile, with direct access to patient and robot, indicates Dexter can be a gamechanger in ORs around the world.”

Distalmotion is a medical device company dedicated to robotic surgery for patients in general surgery, gynaecology and urology to provide minimally invasive care.

The company aims to work closely with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a regulatory submission for Dexter, supported by the financing.

Distalmotion CEO Michael Friedrich said: “Dexter combines the best of both worlds – laparoscopy and robotics – to make sense of robotic surgery.

“By addressing essential problems that operating room teams face, we can deliver on our mission to fast-track widespread adoption of robotic surgery in minimally invasive care.”