The declipseSPECT utilizes freehand SPECT technology to detect, localize and guide biopsy of sentinel lymph nodes (SLN) in breast cancer and melanoma.

During radio-guided surgery, SurgicEye’s declipseSPECT / CSS300 provides intraoperative 3-D image visualization and navigation for gamma probes.

The imaging technology contributes to quality assurance and provides evidence for complete SLN and tumor resection during the surgery.

Dilon Diagnostics CEO Robert Moussa said declipseSPECT enhances Dilon’s product portfolio in women’s digital imaging solutions with a device that makes the localization and resection of radioactive structures intuitive, reliable and minimally invasive.

SurgicEye founder and CEO Joerg Traub said the joint portfolio of their products will provide added confidence to surgeons in treatment delivery and safety for the patient community.