NMO is the leading Australian specialist in facilitating optimal orthotic care of individuals with long term functional impairment as a result of neurological and orthopedic pathologies. The company achieves this through direct clinical service provision to its own clients in Melbourne and Sydney, and through its sister clinic Interface Orthotics in Perth. In addition, NeuroMuscular Orthotics expands its reach throughout Australia and New Zealand by offering distribution, central fabrication and education to certified orthotist/prosthetists.

Darren Pereira, NMO Director, explains, “NeuroMuscular Orthotics is excited to be partnering with the passionate and innovative team at Myomo to bring the MyoPro powered orthosis to Australia and New Zealand. As the only product of its kind, the MyoPro will unlock new possibilities for many Australians and New Zealanders with upper limb impairment, aiding in their social and economic participation, helping them to achieve their goals and live an ordinary life.”

Myomo and NMO launched MyoPro across Australia with a comprehensive joint roadshow, visiting Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Gold Coast. Together, the team trained 25 orthotics and prosthetics clinicians, evaluated 30 potential MyoPro patients and trained allied rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Paul R. Gudonis, Chairman and CEO of Myomo, said, “NMO is one of the strongest technical orthotics providers in one of the strongest economies in the Pacific region. It is an honor to call them a partner, and we look forward to offering MyoPro to the tens of thousands of Australians suffering a paralyzed arm from stroke, nerve injury of other neuromuscular disease.

Source: Company Press Release.