According to Dave Gross, chief executive officer at Celerus, Rapid IHC will take on an entirely new meaning and significance in 2010

This statement follows Mr. Gross’ announcement that Celerus will introduce a totally automated immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining system to the market next year. According to Mr. Gross, the next-generation Celerus Wave System, the Wave RPD, will provide laboratory results faster and more flexibly.


“The key is uniting total automation with our existing rapid staining system. No manual pretreatment will be required, as is necessary with many existing legacy staining platforms,” he added.


Celerus has introduced Rapid IHC with its Wave System in 2008. In addition to standard IHC applications, breast, neuro and Mohs surgeons benefit significantly from intraoperative results made possible in just 15 minutes. A totally automated Rapid IHC platform gives labs the flexibility to choose from a variety of rapid protocols that meet their workflow objectives. Adding pretreatment steps to the existing 15-minute staining protocols on the Wave System, results in total IHC automation in less than one hour, compared to industry standards of 2-1/2 to 4 hours.