The new CoPilot VL+ boasts a larger, brighter, higher resolution display along with powerful LEDs to help the user obtain a better view of the airway.

The CoPilot VL+ video laryngoscope is compact and portable which makes it ideal for every medical setting such as anesthesia in the operating room, intensive care unit, or the emergency medical responder field.

The CoPilot VL+ is the perfect solution for having video laryngoscopy available everywhere it needs to be. Additionally, the CoPilot VL+ is one of the most value priced video laryngoscopes on the market.

The new and improved disposable sheaths of the CoPilot VL®+ feature an anti-fog coating and a smaller footprint which allow for more room to manipulate the endotracheal tube.

Dilon Technologies sales and marketing director Pjerin Luli said: "Our patented bougie port remains an integral feature of our disposable sheath.”

"The bougie port gives our users an additional option for intubation and makes it easier to get the tube 'around the corner.'"

Dilon Technologies Inc. also offers disposable bougies and a rigid intubation stylet that are compatible with any laryngoscope.

Dilon Technologies Inc. strives to improve the quality of life by providing a wide range of innovative medical solutions that benefit patients around the world.

Dilon is the world leader in diagnostic imaging with the Dilon Molecular Breast Imaging Systems, dual-head and single-head gamma imaging cameras which are optimized to perform Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI/BSGI) and localization for MBI-guided breast biopsy.