Roughly three in four women who seek help for menopausal symptoms don’t receive treatment due to a shortage of healthcare professionals with midlife health expertise, as well as the traditional belief that menopause is something to be endured. However, with new understanding of hormonal changes due to aging, as well as the availability of modern technologies, this no longer has to be the case. CurieMD is the first telemedicine platform for women’s midlife health that not only offers expert consultation for managing menopausal symptoms, but also provides home delivery for plant-based, FDA-approved menopause hormone replacement therapies. Now available to California residents, women in the state can, for a limited time, sign up for a free consultation with a member of CurieMD’s team of board-certified midlife health experts from the comfort of their own home.

Founded by Dr. Leslie Meserve and Kevin Geehr, CurieMD’s mission is to change the narrative around menopause and empower women in midlife to take charge of their health and vitality. While puberty, pregnancy, and childbirth are standard parts of women’s health education, an estimated 42% of women never discuss their menopausal symptoms with their primary care physician. Additionally, decades of misinformation about hormone therapy has meant that millions of women who might have benefited from the treatment have missed out.

“Watching my own mother struggle to find a physician who was able to help with the symptoms and effects of menopause exposed a disappointing gap in healthcare — and one we now have the tools and knowledge to fix,” says Dr. Leslie Meserve, who is also CurieMD’s Chief Medical Officer. “When women choose CurieMD, they’re connected with a board-certified midlife health expert who is a confidential, knowledgeable resource with whom they can discuss the symptoms and treatment options they’ve been wondering about but haven’t been able to ask. Hormone therapy is just one of these options and CurieMD’s physicians will work with you to choose a treatment based on your health history and symptoms.”

CurieMD is the first and only telemedicine service through which women can not only connect with expert physicians to learn how to manage their perimenopause and menopause symptoms, but also receive mail-order prescriptions for individualized, FDA-approved bio-identical hormone treatment therapies, including oral tablets, vaginal creams and oral contraceptive pills.

The Benefits of Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy

Midlife is a stage of womanhood that has long been ignored and misrepresented, and when it is in the spotlight, it’s typically exaggerated, stereotyped and sometimes falsified. Add to this the misinformation surrounding hormone therapies that have been circulating for decades, and it’s undeniably a complex and convoluted landscape that women are expected to navigate — often without support from physicians or even their partners. However, scientific advances in treatment, as well as the use of telemedicine to connect with physicians, are now available to provide women with the tools and knowledge they need to confidently navigate the multiyear journey that is perimenopause and menopause.

“While hormone replacement therapy isn’t right for everyone, for many women, it is the most effective way to immediately alleviate the majority of their troublesome menopausal symptoms,” says Dr. Michael Krychman, CurieMD Medical Advisory Board Member. “My patients have described going on hormone therapy as life-changing and as if a ‘dark fog’ was lifted. They’re able to be their same, revitalized selves again. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that every woman in midlife deserves to have the opportunity to explore the option of hormone therapy.”

Source: Company Press Release