A RemedyMD medical registry leverages health care IT software to create clinical decision support systems and improve clinical research data management such as electronic lab notebook, a clinical registry, patient registry software, or a Lab Information Management System (LIMS system).

The tools help collect, host, manage and query data regardless of source; conduct experiments; manage studies and biospecimen; and help researchers build their own registries.

RemedyMD aggregates, harmonizes, and links together the organization’s data using the Mosaic platform, so it can use these powerful querying tools to research data regardless of source.

The built-in OntologyManager can accommodate all major standards such as LOINC, CPT, ICD, SnoMed, UMLS, and others.

RemedyMD CEO Gary Kennedy said knee and hip replacement is an expensive procedure that can be made much more effective by aggregating and harmonizing data from all sources.

"We have delivered several registries related to orthopedics, so a joint registry is a perfect extension to our existing product set," Kennedy said.

Other organizations using RemedyMD registries include Wisconsin’s Blood Research Institute, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Children’s National Medical Center, UC Davis, University of Maryland School of Medicine, and others.