CSL Plasma is one of the world’s largest plasma collection organizations, operating collection centers across the United States and Germany.

Deployment of the NBM200 systems in all collection centers in Germany started earlier this summer after a thorough evaluation and has now been completed.

Historically, Hb measurement required collection of blood samples, rendering the testing procedures invasive, painful, time consuming and labor intensive. OrSense’s NBM200 offers a non-invasive solution for accurate Hb measurements that eliminates pain, reduces infection risk and enables swift Hb level analysis.

The NBM200 solution is also environmentally friendly, as it requires no consumables such as lancets, gloves etc., and no need for hazardous waste handling.

Commented Yoav Reisman, CEO of Orsense: "We are happy and proud of CSL’s selection of the NBM200. CSL was looking to improve donors’ experience and streamline operations and the NBM200 provided both. The NBM200 is the most common Non invasive Hb screening product in blood banks today, in use by dozens of operators around the world and this entry into the world of international plasma collection organizations is a natural expansion".

OrSense is a medical device company developing and marketing non-invasive monitoring systems for measurement of Hemoglobin, based on its proprietary Occlusion Spectroscopy technology.