Masimo has received CE mark for its SEDLine brain function monitor with four separate EEG channels in a single integrated algorithm.

Four channels of EEG data provide information about both sides of the brain to facilitate immediate detection of asymmetrical activity and yields a single sophisticated algorithm to give information about a patient’s response to anesthesia.

Masimo’s SEDLine Patient State Index (PSI), a calculated measure of brain activity that reflects the patient’s current level of sedation/anesthesia, provides additional data to enhance anesthetic control and facilitate rapid assessment.

SEDLine offers a cost-effective solution for brain function monitoring that helps clinicians achieve targeted sedation throughout all phases of anesthesia – in the OR and ICU, claims Masimo.

Baylor University Medical Center in Texas Research Institute president and Anesthesiology and Pain Management chief Michael Ramsay said because of SEDLine’s unique four separate EEG channels in a single integrated algorithm, enabling greater control and sedation management, he believes it will also complement the use of Target Control Infusion narcotic based anesthesia.

Masimo founder and CEO Joe Kiani said SEDLine PSI and their popular 4-channel waveforms help anesthesiologists keep their patients where they want them to be – improving sedation control and the management of anesthetized patients.