Covidien said the Puritan Bennett 840 Neonatal ventilator helps clinicians safely deliver, manage and monitor a ventilation regimen tailored for even the smallest and most critically ill neonatal patients and offers the ability to set a tidal volume as small as 2ml for neonates weighing as little as 300 grams without having to change to another ventilator.

The Puritan Bennett 840 Universal ventilator for every patient type, from neonatal to adult, includes a neonatal CPAP mode that enables clinicians to flexibly deploy noninvasive ventilation in neonates. It supports patient-ventilator synchrony, which has been shown to facilitate spontaneous breathing.

The Puritan Bennett 840 Pediatric-Adult ventilator for pediatric to adult patients helps clinicians provide improved levels of ventilatory support by offering multiple therapies of ventilation, including invasive and noninvasive methods, as well as more advanced modes of ventilation.

Covidien Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions vice president and medical director Roger Mecca said expanding on the Puritan Bennett 840 ventilator, the three new acute care ventilator platforms help clinicians safely deliver, manage and monitor ventilation for a broad range of patients.

"With intuitive user interfaces and a comprehensive feature set, the Puritan Bennett 840 ventilator technology is designed to comfortably provide patients with highly responsive, flexible ventilatory support," Mecca said.