The Spotlight 59 Oncology Panel offers ultra-sensitive variant detection from low input quantities of DNA, making it suitable for circulating tumor cells (CTCs), cfDNA, and other challenging sample types such as FFPE.

The panel, which will be used along with the firm’s IsoFlux liquid biopsy system, will create a complete sample-to-answer assay for high sensitivity mutation detection of solid tumor cancers from blood samples.

By using a novel microfluidic capture technology, the IsoFlux system will isolate and purify CTCs from a blood sample.

The oncology panel is said to cover 59 clinically-relevant oncology-related genes to generate multiplex libraries compatible with Illumina sequencing platforms, helping to avoid the use of complicated molecular barcodes.

Based on Swift Biosciences Accel-Amplicon chemistry, the panel is a complete kit that features all elements to generate ready-to-sequence libraries, including primer pairs and indexed sequencing adapters.

Fluxion Biosciences CEO Jeff Jensen said: “A main limitation to broad adoption of liquid biopsies is achieving detection sensitivity without introducing false positives.

“Spotlight 59 with ERASE-Seq overcomes this limitation with a simplified, cost-effective workflow that every sequencing lab can adopt.”

In September, Fluxion introduced new IsoFlux Cytation Imager, which has been developed to work exclusively with the IsoFlux liquid biopsy system and CTC enumeration kit.

The company pre-configured the IsoFlux imaging system with all components and software required for automated CTC image acquisition.